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3 Financial Tips for Retirement

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Stretching your dollar further

In retirement your capacity to earn money can be largely diminished therefore it is important to make all your dollars count. Accessing the seniors card can save you lots of money in the long run. Ensuring you have all your Centrelink entitlements will also reduce costs and potentially increase your fortnightly payments. There are also products and services out there that provide you with the opportunity to make savings on everyday items. For example, going to a restaurant for dinner can be discounted. Know what is available in your local area and take advantage of these services.

Live in the moment

Live your life well, enjoy your retirement. Whilst it is important to be money aware, it is also important to enjoy this phase of your life. If you’re not sure how long your money will last, getting a detailed projection could provide you with piece of mind. This way having an annual budget can make things easier.

Holiday savings

Do you know that the earlier you plan a holiday and pay for it the more money you save? Whether it be airfares or accommodation costs most providers have early bird savings. This potentially could save you hundreds of dollars on that dream holiday.