We are Inunison.

We are Inunison.

Meet Our Staff

Nikayla Tolhopf – Financial Planner

Nikayla has a passion for financial planning and helping others. She has been in the industry for almost 4 years and during this time she has absorbed a wealth of knowledge and ethical standards. She has a Diploma in Financial Planning and is on her way to complete her Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. She particularly thrives on providing young people with the wealth of knowledge she has and guiding them through their financial journey. Her view on financial planning is to steer her clients in the direction that she would personally be comfortable with herself.

Nikayla also shares a passion for personal training. Outside of work she loves coming up with new workout routines,providing clients with nutrition tips and motivating and training clients. She holds great pride in motivating her clients to achieve their fitness or financial goals by setting them short term goals to help them achieve a greater milestone. She believes that if someone feels as though they can’t do something she will do what she can to help them through it with encouraging words and advice or by finding other alternatives that best fits them. She believes motivation, guidance and knowledge is the key to people achieving what they want to achieve.

She is also a bit of a health fanatic and loves sharing new fads about the next up and coming super foods but still finds it hard to say no to chocolate. She believes balance is good. It is good to enjoy life’s guilty pleasure and splurge a bit every now and then.
Outside of work Nikayla enjoys spending time with her partner, family and friends. She also loves travelling, surfing, bike riding and animals.

Alexandra (Alex) Simoes – Marketing and Office Manager

Alex has been in the Financial services sector for 2 years. Previous to that, Alex was employed in the public welfare sector and has provided information and support to Illawarra’s most vulnerable families. She has also got experience in working people with Disabilities and the Aged as a Diversional Therapist.
All this previous experience has laid a solid foundation for Alex and from it she brings a strong conviction in helping people, no matter what their circumstances to achieve their goals and to have a better future. This now and in the past has always been delivered with strong ethics and with the internal driver of…” What is in the best interest of the clients”.
Alex is a people person…she loves to meet new people professionally and privately. Always up for a chat and a coffee, she enjoys good conversation and good belly laughs. She brings to her role this exuberance for life and believes that no matter what life throws at her…it could always be worse.Alex believes that Financial Advice can benefit everyone and the earlier you develop good financial habits…the better.

Alex is on the Care & Share for Autism committee here in the Illawarra. She gives her time and knowledge to this fantastic organisation so that children and families living with this condition can experience social inclusion through community awareness and education.

Alex is the very proud mother of two children that do her proud every day. Her daughter is studying Education and will soon be a primary school teacher here in the Illawarra and her son is a senior in high school and a very talented Rugby league player that has represented the Illawarra Steelers.